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About Irish Network Japan

The Irish Network Japan (INJ) is a not-for profit volunteer organisation run by the Irish community in Japan & their Japanese friends. It aims to promote Irish Culture within Japan and to provide a support network for the many Irish who find themselves in Japan on a permanent or temporary basis.

Irish Network Japan
Cumann Eireannach na Seapaine
INJ Chairperson Greetings

Welcome to the Irish Network Japan. The INJ welcomes everyone, Irish & Japanese alike, to join us in helping to promote Irish culture in Japan and also to promote cultural exchange between Ireland & Japan. With over 6,000 members spread across Japan the INJ was first established in 1987 by a handful of Irish. Today the Japanese membership may outnumber us but there is no mistaking our shared purpose. With over 12 St. Patrick’s Day Parades being held across Japan by various branches of the INJ – not to mention Irish festivals, “Greenings” of famous locations such as Japan’s National Shrine in Ise- we continue to wave the Irish flag in Japan. Of course we cannot do it alone. In addition to the time & efforts of our volunteers we are also reliant on the support of the Irish Embassy in Japan as well as sister Irish Groups such as the IJCC, The Emerald Ball & Japan GAA to name but a few. Our Sponsors are key to our continued success and in that respect we must mention Guinness Japan, the IDA & Enterprise Ireland and the many Irish Pubs, University Alumni Groups, Irish Musicians & Irish Dance Schools who support us throughout the year. Finally, if you’re not already a member reach out and become one. Welcome to the Irish Network Japan.

INJ Chairperson

The INJ brings together the Irish & Japanese communities through events that improve mutual understanding of our cultures.


By working together on a volunteer basis new friends are made, deeper relationships are forged and friendships are formed.


Through the organising of fun & meaningful events we encourage all our members to share the joy of getting to know each other better with other.