Health Care

Health Care (Hospitals, Clinics, Specialist Treatment, English speaking assistance and staff etc.)
Useful Japanese Phrases for Describing Health Problems and In an Emergency.

The website below was produced to help non-Japanese speaking foreigners in Japan to explain (via printable forms) the condition of injuries and symptoms of illness to doctors and other medical personnel.

Finding English support or medical help in Tokyo can sometimes prove difficult. Focus Japan strives to make your stay in Japan easy.

Here are some useful organizations to help you search for medical assistance in English.

The AMDA International Medical Information Center –Provides information on medical care and hospitals in Japan that offer English-speaking staff. – – (03-5285-8088).
Himawari – allows you to search for hospitals that have English speaking staff – (03-5285-8181).
International Mental Health Professionals Japan – A primary resource for finding qualified psychotherapists and counselors serving the international community in Japan. Wide range of services available –
Japan Helpline – this is a non-profit 24 hour nationwide emergency assistance service to foreign residents in Japan. They provide advice on anything from a simple question, to an emergency situation. –  (0570 – 0000 – 911).
Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) – TELL offers anonymous telephone counseling in English for the international and Japanese community. Trained telephone counselors provide support on a wide range of issues. – – (03-5774 – 0992).
TELL Counselling and TELL Children and Families – Licensed/certified team of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and counselors provide confidential counseling. Other services include exceptional parenting, child protection, workshops, and EAP programs.  - – (03-4550-1146).

English Speaking Medical Staff and their Institutions  -

St. Luke’s International Hospital –  - (03-3541-5151 / 03-5550-7166).

General Practice Clinics:

International Clinic –  - (03 – 3582 – 2646).
Kobayashi International Clinic – – (046-263-1380).
Minatomita Clinic –  - (03-3456 – 3391).

National Medical Clinic  - – (03-3473-2057).
The Bluff Medical and Dental Clinic – – (045-641-6961).

The King Clinic – http://www.thekingclinic – (03-3409-0764).

Tokyo British Clinic – – (03-5458-6099).

Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic – – (03-3436 -3028).

Tokyo Midtown Medical Center –