Irish Network Japan
. Cumann Éireannach na Seapaine.

Message from Chairman.

Welcome to the Irish Network Japan (INJ). In brief, the INJ brings a little part of Ireland to Japan. We work to help the Japanese community enjoy the discovery of Ireland's culture, traditions and people. For the Irish in Japan, the INJ is a great way to meet more people from home and have a great time socializing with those Japanese who have a special interest in Ireland.

Last but not least it is about 'craic' but the non Irish will have to come to one of the INJ events to experience this! To our sponsors and support affiliations, my gratitude for your continuous support over the years.


Enquiries to contact_inj_jp@inj.or.jp


What is Irish Network Japan?

The INJ is a non-profit organization staffed by a group of Irish and Japanese volunteers. It's main goal is to promote Irish culture in Japan and promote cultural exchange between Ireland and Japan through regularly held events. The INJ organizes a number of events through out a year. The INJ's event calendar year begins in April and ends in March the following year. The year is divided up into four quarters.

The year begins with the AGM when we elect our new committee and decide on new roles. The end of the year is marked by our biggest event The St. Patrick's day parade. You can become a member of the INJ mailing list by enquiring to Mailing List, this allows to get information on upcoming INJ events parties, festivals, outings etc and other Irish non INJ activities such as bands, films, shows etc. As a member you may also be asked to help in organizing some of these activities.

You can also become a committee member where you will be required to give some time to attend regular meetings and plan events. www.inj.or.jp