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Irish Network Japan (INJ) and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Tokyo Executive Committee will hold the “28th St. Patrick’s Day Parade Tokyo” for the first time in four years from 13:00 on Sunday, March 12, 2023.
We will make a separate announcement about participating in the parade and volunteering, so please wait for a while.
An information session for participants and volunteers is scheduled for Saturday, February 11.

*Start time is subject to change.
*From 13:00 to 15:00 during the parade, Omotesando Street will be closed to traffic and vehicles will not be able to enter.


The Tokyo INJ St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the biggest Irish celebration in Asia and has been on the go since 1992. This year over 50,000 people lined the illustrious Omotesando avenue in downtown Tokyo to witness another spectacle of Irish culture & pomp. Here’s just some of the media coverage that followed the event. We’re already planning for next year so if you or your company want to be involved please do contact the INJ to explore possibilities!

Irish Eyes Are Smiling in Japan– Japan Today, March 2019
Making Tokyo Greener– Japan Times- Mar. 18th, 2019
130,000 Attend Irish Parade in Tokyo– Irish Central- Mar. 18th 2019